Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here's one of three quick sketches I'm doing for what will hopefully end up a large (7x5') charcoal/painting. I plan on making two or three figures in a somewhat dwarfed/surreal landscape similair to a Bosch if all goes to plan, which it doesn't.
Stickin' with the whole archaic iron city idea, but this particular sketch just deals with the helmet. A quick stroke ended up looking like some sort of knife so I modelled that a bit...but now it just reeks of Ashley Wood (or so he goes by AshWood I've heard)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My illustration teacher was quite fond of saying, "Sometimes you must murder your darlings," If only he knew how many times I've commited homicide...mabye genocide! Well, here is my next potential victim: The first comic page from a two page assignment to show a rotating dynamic architectural environment. I chose the rather mundane setting of a sushi bar in a post-apocalyptic swamp. Yawwwnnnnn. The pencils are okay, so now on to the inks...
GRUMBLE ISSUE 2! Got it in my grips right now, my second comic. I did a flip issue with my mate Timmy Lemire. If you want to get a copy while they're lukewarm/semi hot, drop a line to mrgrumble@inbox.com and we can sort something out. $3, to keep me warm and off the streets. It's for a good cause...Here are the first few pages:

Monday, October 23, 2006

Just started up this project tonight for my Works On Paper class: the assignment was to create a fantastic cityscape...and I opted to make it into an odd raggy dress. Right now this is just charcoal with a bit of white conte, although I intend to throw some white washes over for some skin tones. Mabye put some legs on it. I tried to make this one all subtle, but half the time I didn't even know what I was working on...too much shadow plane and not enough definition! mittens of mirth!
I'm trying to exercise a little restraint though, as I always end up taking what was once a good sketch or underpainting to a point known as 'overdone', and it looks like pure dog poody. Here's hoping we don't see that happen with this one.
I do like the imagery kinda, so hopefully I can make this into a series with a bit more time - it would be interesting to play around with different regalia, visual eras, or mabye slap on some backgrounds too.
Class isn't 'til Wednesday so anythings a go.
Title: Mr. Tubbs and his city of Cog
Media: Charcoal

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just set up a quick little blog, more to come once I finish up this damned comic page!