Friday, December 29, 2006

yowser-long time since my last post! well, nothin' too exciting or finalized to post, but here are some WIP's for a stylized highland cow competition I'm doing right now for a 2dArtist magazine.
First was kinda just a manly figure to make myself feel cool, and then my work on the babpiping cows, to make me feel extra uncool.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here's a veeeerrrrrrryy loose take on fascism, cuz that's what my teach wanted. After close inspection, one can sense the influence from Apocalyptico, but ever so slightly. The abstraction: the piece is a somewhat tribal emblem of the Eagle, which I associate with the term. Rough colors, hopefully get a chance to polish it off someday soonish

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Apocalyptico! I care not what Gibson did, because this movie is just simply stunning. The fact that they even implanted the denture caps on all the casts teeth was obsessivce compulsive enough to create such an enveloping atmosphere. I got kinda inspired, so I came back to studio around 1:15 with all intent to do some Incan/Mayan/Aztec/Tolmec sketches, but ended up with this...I'm going to polish him off tomorrow, probably add a bird insignia on the drape and call it a third of my final digital project loosely based on "fascism". The next one, Hitler in drag...'fashionism!'...or... 'dress to depress!'