Monday, October 23, 2006

Just started up this project tonight for my Works On Paper class: the assignment was to create a fantastic cityscape...and I opted to make it into an odd raggy dress. Right now this is just charcoal with a bit of white conte, although I intend to throw some white washes over for some skin tones. Mabye put some legs on it. I tried to make this one all subtle, but half the time I didn't even know what I was working on...too much shadow plane and not enough definition! mittens of mirth!
I'm trying to exercise a little restraint though, as I always end up taking what was once a good sketch or underpainting to a point known as 'overdone', and it looks like pure dog poody. Here's hoping we don't see that happen with this one.
I do like the imagery kinda, so hopefully I can make this into a series with a bit more time - it would be interesting to play around with different regalia, visual eras, or mabye slap on some backgrounds too.
Class isn't 'til Wednesday so anythings a go.
Title: Mr. Tubbs and his city of Cog
Media: Charcoal

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